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For a more accurate representation of these performances' sound & instrumentation
as heard over a full sound system, listen to the audio samples with a headset.

All recordings  2002- 2017 by the authors
All rights reserved (ASCAP)









Valerie on vocals and guitar

Adam on vocals and keyboards


All Caught Up in Nothing   (Levin-Ptasznik)

Do You Feel It?  (Levin-Pellicciaro)

Don't Let It Bring You Down  (Young)

Every Time I Hear Your Voice   (Levin-Ptasznik)

Gift of Life   (Gomes)

If I Gave You My Heart   (Levin-Stoller)

Illusions  (Gomes)

Ivory Tower   (Levin)

Jerusalem   (Gomes)

Life Unkind   (Gomes)

Love Again  (Gomes)

Mystic Moon   (Gomes)

No More Words  (Levin-Ptasznik)

Not Coming Home  (Levin)

Nothing Stays The Same  (Gomes)

Oh Lord   (Gomes)

Rainstorm  (Gomes)

Riverside   (Gomes)

Somewhere Back in Time   (Gomes)

Stormy Monday  (Walker)

Suspended   (Gomes)

Tired of Pretending  (Gomes)

Turn Another Page   (Gomes)

Walking on Thin Ice   (Levin)




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