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A richly produced compilation with a myriad of singers & instrumentalists, pulsing grooves and incidental spoken word 'montages'.  Compilation produced, remixed and mostly arranged and performed by Adam Levin, and engineered and mastered by Jay Mark.  Additional mastering by The SoundLab.  Songs written by Adam Levin, with collaborative material by Wendy Boulding, David Brooks, Jonathan Keezing and Peter Stoller.  Thanks to Wendy Boulding, Peter Stoller, David Brooks, Danny Obadia and Allison Adler for additional arranging, producing and/or performing.  1 hr. 8 min.  "...a songwriter of exceptional talent and perception. I expect him to make a serious impact on the pop charts or on Broadway..." – Charles M. Young, Executive Editor, Musician Magazine   [MORE CRITIQUES]   [ORDER]


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All recordings 2002-2005 Different Drum Music
All rights reserved (ASCAP)

My Old Girlfriend
If I Gave You My Heart
It Makes No Sense
Let It Go
I Can’t Talk to You
ver bal o sis:
I. Inspired by the Sound of Your Own Voice
II. Verbalosity
III. Family Discussion
Echo Inside My Heart
So Alive
The Price That You Pay
Walls Start Falling
Once More (Without Feeling)
Stand Up
Our Perfect Love
Ride the White Horse
Related topical events...

Walls Start Falling and It Makes No Sense were performed for the Department of Peace Campaign's opening rally in New York City with founder Marianne Williamson.  (By coincidence, Walls was written with Peter Stoller a few days before the Berlin Wall was torn down.)

 Stand Up was performed at the Coalition for the Homeless' Benefit Concert in New York City.
 Wendy Boulding's lyrics and melody for Adam Levin's music in So Alive were written during, and inspired by, the New York City Marathon.

et al.

Background music: excerpt from backing tracks of If I Gave You My Heart