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Critiques of et al.

"...a songwriter of exceptional talent and perception. I expect him to make a serious impact on the pop charts or on Broadway..."
-- Charles M. Young, Executive Editor, Musician Magazine


"…a uniquely gifted composer. His songs are powerful, perceptive, even provocative… a sensitive and intelligent performer. This is music everyone should hear."
-- Mike Stoller, Songwriter/Producer, Leiber & Stoller


"...articulate, clear-thinking... with something to say... the U2-school-of-conviction... songs with sincerity... excellent singers [with] great tonal quality and not a bum note among them."
-- The Music Paper


"Look out, Whitney Houston."
-- Toronto Star (on Wendy Boulding)


Betty Comden & Adolph Green, Librettists (on Let It Go)


-- Gary Katz, Producer for Steely Dan (on ver bal o sis)


"Awesome... really great, hooky melodies."
-- Amy Lennard, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist


"Stand Up has such quiet power, I keep expecting it to be snatched up as a banner by all the world's dispossessed. This anthem for the mentally ill may be the most concise and convincing evidence of Adam's consummate gift as a songwriter. Listen to the way he sets up the simple grace of the song proper with the desperate, defiant harmonies in the intro and bridge. Simple, solid and wide open, Walls Start Falling is as inspirational and supportive as a writer or singer could ever hope for. I think more singers we know have asked to do this song than any other."
-- Peter Stoller, Singer/Songwriter/Producer

"Great stuff!  Remarkable quality and consistency for mastering material from so many sessions and situations."
-- Jonathan Keezing, Guitarist/Songwriter, Passion Records
"He cites Gentle Giant as an important influence, including on his CD et al. -- specifically the song ver bal o sis, whose GG elements are evident."
-- The Official Gentle Giant Website ("Music by Gentle Giant Fans")

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