........"Adam Levin is a uniquely gifted composer.  His songs are powerful, perceptive, even provocative...  a sensitive and intelligent performer.  This is music everyone should hear." -- Mike Stoller, Songwriter/Producer, Leiber & Stoller........ "Truly enjoyable... a serious musical talent... haunting intrigue..." -- Alan Schlein, Journalist, Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine........ "Adam Levin is a songwriter of exceptional talent and perception.  I expect him to make a serious impact on the pop charts or on Broadway..." -- Charles M. Young, Executive Editor, Musician Magazine........ "...articulate, clear-thinking... with something to say... the U2-school-of-conviction... songs with sincerity..." -- The Music Paper........ "Adam's a sophisticated and contemporary composer -- hear him!" -- Kirk Nurock, Composer/Pianist, Koch Jazz/Classical Recording Artist........ "His piano playing has a great touch." -- Wallace Roney, Trumpeter/Producer, Grammy Award winning Jazz Recording Artist........ "Adam Levin's music has the rare ability to appeal to not only musicians seeking cerebral stimulation, but also innocent ears in search of a beautiful, memorable melody." -- Tricia Tahara, Vocalist/Songwriter, Savant (Highnote) Jazz Recording Artist........ "While other, normal songwriters are content to provide you with polite background music for your daily activities, Adam Levin writes songs that warrant your full, rapt attention... his encyclopedic harmonic vocabulary, his deftness with the most complex rhythmic and metric patterns, his ambitious but solid sense of structure, his smart and sensitive handling of the grandest issues and smallest details of the human condition, his stunningly beautiful and well-constructed melodies, and the way he performs it all with an acrobat's balance of drama and subtlety.... the seemingly effortless manner in which he ties all these elements and more -- across an impressively wide stylistic range -- into one organic whole, bearing his unique and unmistakable stamp on every bar." -- Peter M. Stoller, Songwriter/Producer........

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