LiveOnTape critiques


Critiques of LiveOnTape 

"Truly enjoyable… serious musical talent…  music has the same haunting intrigue [as] Todd Rundgren’s…"
-- Alan Schlein, Journalist, Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine

"Wendy Boulding has a superb voice."
-- Henry Roa, Producer, Who’s in the Crib, MNN Television

"Phenomenal… amazing piano… the songs are killer… commercially strong as rock musical theatre… fabulous, connected singing, tight accompaniment and natural sound… I’m absolutely blown away."
-- Bob Cusack, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

" of the very best songwriters on the planet. One reason for that is his musical taste is impeccable, and it shows in his songs!"
-- Dennis Pettas, Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

"…a cohesive, consistent album with no clinkers. Every song is excellent. It’s really like hearing one whole concert. Walking on Thin Ice is a powerful, moving ‘coming of age’ song… Keep Walking really takes me back to 9/11… Do You Feel It? is the best song of its genre I’ve ever heard."
-- Marcus Lazarium, Air Musicologist

"…a musical waiting to happen… beautiful sentiment and words…"
-- Anne Ptasznik, Writer

"Emily is a touchingly unsentimental historical romance and a sly tribute not only to Ms. Dickinson, but to all artists at odds with the aesthetic conventions of their time. I think there’s more good, real music in the intro than many composers produce in a lifetime. Not one to disappoint, Adam follows that up with a soaring, classic melody that takes the piece up to a whole new level, culminating with the evocative, pealing funeral bells in the finale."
-- Peter Stoller, Singer/Songwriter/Producer

"The lyrics are actually cognitive behavioral and very well-written.  They encourage or inspire us to think more rationally to reduce our own psychological or emotional distress."
-- Mark Lazarus, Psychologist (on All Caught Up in Nothing and Everything She Needs)

Background music: excerpt from Say It