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A definitive, selective sampling of Adam’s strongest and most memorable works to date, with divergent styles and performers that have long characterized his music.  This compilation includes five songs not previously released on his CDs – Words on the Wall, a vocal rendition of House on a Hill, full arrangements of Mantra and Groundless, and an instrumental remix of Land of the Free.  Featured are singers Wendy Boulding, John Eyre, Peter Stoller and Brenda Hettmansberger, with collaborative work by Wendy Boulding, John Eyre, Brenda Hettmansberger, Danny Obadia, Elena Rye Pellicciaro, Tomas Stark and Peter Stoller.   “…elegant….heartfelt….rich and beautiful.” – Nikki Squire, Singer/Songwriter    [MORE ALBUM INFO & NEWS]   [CRITIQUES]   [ORDER]



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Words on the Wall

Giant for an Hour

So Alive


While Sunlight Slipped Away

Land of the Free (instrumental remix)

Do You Feel It?

Lying (in my sleep)

House on a Hill

Say It

Still as Young as I’m Old

Guardian Angel

Our Perfect Love

Dance Steps




Background music: Words on the Wall