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In December 2004, shortly after the U.S. presidential election, Adam Levin wrote a song as a poetic expression of the political and social climate in the United States so evident at the time of the election and its aftermath.  It was performed with Wendy Boulding at the Department of Peace Campaign's New York City rallies in 2005.  Then that following August, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf coast and its people.  The federal government's inadequate preparation and response has been roundly criticized -- as was its "spin" in the absence of assistance.  Some environmentalists have linked the intensity of such natural disasters to levy disrepair, forestry removal, and unregulated industrial emissions and global warming.  The earlier song, entitled Land of the Free (on Adam and Wendy's CD A Different Page), seemed to some observers a prophetic, vivid account of the social, political, and even physical impact of that disaster.

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Land of the Free

(from CD)

Music and lyrics © 2004 Adam Levin
All rights reserved (ASCAP)
Not for use without permission from the author)

I look out across the land
land of the free
I saw it there yesterday
but now it's gone
I walk out across the sand
Our home by the sea
has all been washed away

Does anybody know
where did it go?
Now all that I find are broken pieces
When did those seeds we sowed
cease to grow?
Whenever it rains it only freezes

I listen and all I hear
are cries for life
by those who deliver death
and close their doors
I watch the truth disappear
wrong pass for right
It doesn't make any sense

Does anybody know
where did it go?
I can't seem to find a rhyme or reason
When did those seeds we sowed
cease to grow?
Or will they grow back another season?

Someday we'll practice what we're preaching
Someday we'll live what we've been teaching
Our hearts and minds finally meeting

Does anybody know
where did we go?
Soon we will find the missing pieces
and all those seeds we sowed
again will grow
when all of the coldness finally ceases


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